Safety, Security and Comfort Guaranteed

Earthquake Absorption System
The hotel building is seismically isolated,which has an earthquake absorbing mechanism supportedby a state-of-the-art science technology.

Isolated Power System
In case of power outage, Hotel Niwa Tokyo owns a private electric generator which supplies electrical power throughout the building for 72 hours.

・ The hotel entrance feature gentle slope for easy wheelchair access.
・ The entrance of Grill & Bar LIEU and Japanese Cuisine YUKURI has flat surface for easy wheelchair access.
・ We have Universal room with enough space around the bed and bathroom for wheelchair user.
・ The multipurpose restroom on the 1st and 2nd floor is equipped with an easy-accessible, barrier-free toilet seat.

Facilities for Ostomates
Ostomate facilities are available at restrooms on the 2nd floor for visitors/guests with colostomy and artificial urinary bladders.

Infant Accompanied Guests
・ Infant nursing for mothers is available in the restroom on 2nd floor.
・ Diaper changing tables are available at multipurpose restrooms on the 1st floor.

AED Installed
AED, an automated external defibrillator, has been installed at the Front Desk.